A two-page notion template that follows the Zettelkasten method basics — atomic notes, a reference to the source, and linking of notes. Template available for free.

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Analog Slip Box. Credits Wikimedia Commons, Kai Schreiber

I read How to Take Smart Notes with an objective in mind — how to effectively categorize/use my Kindle Highlights. The book explained the concept of the Zettelkasten method, and I started trying it slowly.

The first step I did was making ‘own’ ‘byte-sized’ notes from highlights and used Kanban board inside Notion to find relation. I liked that approach; being a Product Designer working on Enterprise SaaS product, the idea breaking down of ideas to granular size, and the opportunity it provides was clear for me. …


Hiran Venugopalan

Designer. Maker. Type Designer. UI/UX Guy. Believes in Lord Dinkan & Oldmonk. Currently leading Designs at Kaleyra.

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