Software, Apps and Systems I am using, as of Dec 2020

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I use Mac Book Pro provided by Kaleyra for all primary purposes and iPad Pro 2020 for personal requirements. Google Pixel 3a is my only phone, with Before Launcher and 95% notifications turned off. For reading, I use a 2013 Kindle Paperwhite.

Bullet Journal

I started Bullet Journal back in 2015 and tried using multiple notebooks. Of all, the favorite is Matrikas. But for 2021, I am looking for a smaller book with some reusable function — hence I choose to go with Pennline Quikrite. After years of thinking, I bought a TWSBI Eco Fountain pen, which I use with Pelikan Brilliant Brown Ink. How I use Bullet Journal.


I started my design career with GIMP and Inkscape, and I still use them. For a while, I shifted to Adobe tools until I found Sketchapp. As of now, I don’t own Adobe or Sketch license for the last year (but planning to get one for Lightroom), as I am using Figma for all-screen design requirements. Also, I have Procreate App on my iPad, but that’s too French for me!


I was never a note-taker, but someone who jot down interesting URLs I visited (especially WordPress themes from Theme forest). Evernote was my tool of choice until my requirement changed (and Evernote became bulky). Later, I started building it with Notion (Notion was my Project Manager and ToDo list and everything). Some accidental missing of data and formatting issues made me search for an alternative, and I ended up at Obsidian, which stores information as Markdown.

These days, I am trying to build a Zettelkasten, with a subset published as working notes. Other than Obsidian, I use Dropbox, 1writer, Github, and Jekyll to set up this subset digital garden.


While I have tried products like Pocket, Raindrop, and Feedly once in a while, I am not still in sync with those systems. Telegram’s ‘Saved Message’ does the magic for me.

For Kindle, I convert highlight clippings using and Calibre (Bookmark files are not modified, as I need loc details to refer it again)


The significant usage of my mobile is to provide me with audio content. I use Audible and Storytel for Audiobook and Voice app in case I need one. For Podcast, I still use PocketCast, and for everything else, there is YTMusic.

Project Management

For personal stuff, tasks, and to-do lists, go to Bullet Journal, and if there is any project that needs more, I will go with Notion. My suggestion of Project Management tools is based on usage context — if you have well-defined tasks, go for Trello Kanban. If you need to make some filtering and complicated tables, go for Notion. And if you are in the ideation/collaborative phase — please use Basecamp and NOT Google Docs.

Malayalam Input

Malayalam is my native language, and I write and chat a lot using that. Indic Keyboard for Android, Varamozhi for iPad, and Keymagic for Mac are my current choice of tools.

Misc Apps

For personal data storage, I use PCloud and Dropbox. Also, on Mac, I use Flow for Pomodoro, Rectangle to arrange windows and Simple note for quick notes.


My personal website uses WordPress with Semplice theme. Yoast, Documents from Git, and Akismet are the only plugins I use. Notes.Hiran uses Github and Jekyll with the SimplyJekyll theme. (Both Work in Progress)

Hiran Venugopalan is a Product Designer from India. The latest version of resources and tools is available at To read his working notes, visit



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Hiran Venugopalan

Hiran Venugopalan

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