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Yet another medium article on Bullet Journaling.

Legends. Also, I don’t have a “legend” / “key” page in my actual Bullet Journal.
Index Page, this made me fan of BuJo ;)
Monthly spread. Calendar +One Line Dairy. I’m not that busy person, hence this works for me!
Weekly spread. I consider Monday — Sunday weeks and instead of 10 blocks, i just make sure every task is covered every week, to feel a satisfaction of work-life balance.
My notes are never this clean. There will be upper case, underlines and small drawings here and there. Btw, that 8 before page number is threading. It means, to refer last conversation go to page 8 !
Tracking habit. Tip — Don’t try to build more than one habit at a time. It’s hard. Tip 2 — Read Atomic Habits.

Answers to some frequently asked questions

Instagram search result #BulletJournal (March 7 2020)

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